About Us

Thanks for stopping by The Oaks.  Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are Tony & Donna Little of Vidor. Our mission is to provide an event center to hold concerts, events, children activities etc. for our community we love.

Tony Little

He spent many years as a police officer and has been a singer since he was a child. He enjoys performing every now and then at The Oaks.

Donna Nichols Little

She has been a DJ since 1986. Started out as a club DJ in Dallas while going to Broadcasting school. Every avenue of being a DJ from clubs, radio and mobile DJ. Have also booked talent for festivals and events since the 90's.

The Oaks

The Oaks opened its door in June of 2019. Formerly the VFW for many years is where the musical legacy began. Many great artists graced the stage since the late 60s. Great such as George Jones, Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd, Jo El Sonnier, Asleep at the wheel, Georgette Jones just to name a few.

As the Oaks we are honored to carry the music tradition set before us. Since we opened we have had many incredible concerts with artists such as Neal McCoy, Dean Dillon, Josh Ward, Glen Templeton, John Conlee, T Graham Brown, Doug Stone, Jo’El Sonnier, Wayne Toups, Damon Troy. Tony Jackson, Sarah Russo, Karen Waldrup and many more.

A big plus to seeing your favorite artist at the Oaks is the upclose and personal touch we offer. We limit tickets to 300 people. You can see well from any seat in the house. Many artists offer meet and greets because of the limited amount of guests. You will not get that in a larger concert venue.

Many concerts are booked on a regular basis. For our fellow music fans, we appreciate you and could not bring these shows without your support so many thanks. Please sign up for concerts alerts so you are aware when your favorite artist comes to town and helps ensure you get the best seating options.


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